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Variable Speed Pellet/Corn-trol Digital Control System

LMF Furnace AH-100 & AH-170
LMF Boiler AHB 100 & AHB 170
Pellet/Corn-trol Manual
Pellet/Corn-trol Installation
LMF Boiler Schematic
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LMF Air Furnace Schematic
BM620-9 - 100,000 BTU Schematic
Boiler Flue Complete Cleaning Procedure

• Tired of the high cost of oil and gas? Try our pellet furnace, pellet boiler or pellet stove
• Two Forced Hot Air Models and two Hot Water Boiler Models - 100,000 btu and 170,000 btu
• Burns clean - no more creosote
• Cleaner; Safer; with an 85% efficiency rating.
• Safe, comfortable heat
• A better alternative
• Automatic Variable Speed Controls now available on LMF Furnace
• Automatic Variable Speed Controls now available on LMF Boiler
• Automatic Variable Speed Controls Available on Hot Air Units!

Burn Wood Pellets or Corn Safely & Efficiently...

With an America’s Heat furnace there are: No changing burn pots, No adjusting timer settings, No adjusting the draft, No making never ending and time consuming adjustments to the combustion blower and No worries of Smoke Back.

With an America’s Heat furnace equipped with a Corn-trol Digital system and an air handling kit you can burn pellets safely and efficiently without having to make a lot of adjustments to your furnace and you can switch between corn and pellets by simply selecting the fuel on the thermostat and opening or closing the airflow door on the combustion blower.

The America's Heat Hot Air furnace is the first shelled corn/wood pellet fired furnace to be listed by
Underwriters Laboratories assuring you of a safe and quality product.

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST

What Our Customers Say...
"The pellet furnace I bought from you 3 years ago for my 3000 sq. foot greenhouse. This setup has saved me about 75 % on my fuel bill, with no major problems in the time its been in use." thanks Bob S

Made in USA